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Phylicia is committed to fighting for healthy communities in the 10th District, from the homes we live in and the streets we walk on, to the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.


Building Healthy Communities Means a Better Future for All of Us


SAFer NEighborhoods

Safety comes first, especially for our children and seniors. Phylicia will stop the violence and reduce harm by making sure more police are walking the neighborhood beat and engaging the community.

Efficient City Services

Efficient City services ensure that all communities are healthy. Phylicia will ensure that the trash is picked up, water leaks are fixed, potholes are filled, transportation connections make sense, and our green spaces are invested in and protected.

Better Schools

Good schools are the cornerstone of healthy communities. Phylicia will fight for children by fully funding our City schools, including traditional, STEAM, and vocational education programs.

Stronger Economic Growth

Small businesses and living wage jobs make our neighbrohoods strong. Phylicia will partner with small businesses and anchors like Saint Agnes, Medstar Hospital, and Port Covington to increase investment in the community.


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